Hey! I’m Emily and this is my blog Brunette Who Bakes! I’m a born and raised Texan (so good food naturally runs in my blood) and I’m a lover of anything sweet!

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember and would always jump at the chance to bake for any and all occasions like friends’ birthdays, Christmas, any milestone or celebration, and obviously any and all holidays (National Chocolate Chip Day = perfect excuse to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies right?!)

I started this blog back in April of 2016 when I was in high school because I love writing and I love baking so a baking blog seemed like a natural combination of the two! It really brings me so much joy to bake a warm batch of cookies for the people I love, or experiment with making mini layer cakes, and all of the in-betweens!

Some of my fondest memories growing up revolved around food: baking with my family and sisters while blasting hits from the 80’s, having 35+ over at our house for Thanksgiving and filling my plate with a little bit of everything, and all the celebrations in between! I’ve found that one commonality between almost everybody is the happiness that a homemade, baked good can bring when shared with people you care about.

The recipes on my blog are either my own recipes, family recipes, or recipes that I have adapted from other great bakers and cooks. I hope you love the food and this blog as much as I do!
Happy Baking!