Why You Need to Take a Momofuku Milk Bar Class in NYC

Recently, my family and I traveled to the Big Apple, aka: the City That Never Sleeps, aka: The Capital of the World, aka: the City So Nice, They Named it Twice…you get it…we went to New York City! The very first thing on my agenda when planning this trip–aside from the typical stuff like booking flights and hotels–was finding the best bakeries that NYC had to offer. I’ve had a running list of bakeries for more than two years so that if we decided to take a trip to New York I would know exactly where the best places were. And the time came! We planned a trip to New York!

The first bakery on my agenda was Momofuku Milk Bar. I knew I wanted to go to Milk Bar because of their famous “Crack Pie” and “Cereal Milk Soft Serve”, and as the Netflix junkie that I am, I discovered that Milk Bar and Christina Tosi (pastry chef/owner) is featured as an episode on Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” and I’m not going to lie…I may or may not have watched it five times. Sorry not sorry. After watching that, I found out that they offer cake classes and I immediately signed up to do one. And the rest is history…

In this post,  I’m going to tell you all about my experience at a

Milk Bar cake class and why it was the absolute highlight of my trip!

{The Milk Bar Class}

The class that my sisters and I did was the “Milk ID” class and it was the highlight of the entire trip for me. The building where the classes are held is in Brooklyn so it gave us the chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see the Manhattan skyline which was a plus. The minute we got there, the Milk Bar staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating, and they seemed to truly love what they do which made the class 10x more fun! And BONUS! We got to choose a classic Christina Tosi headscarf to wear while we made the cakes and got to keep it!

This is inside the building where the classes are held in Brooklyn

The class that we chose was not the traditional and most popular “Birthday Cake and Truffles”; we chose the “Milk ID” class where we got to make our own cake completely the way we wanted to. They brought us out a tray with clear cups filled with happiness. We got to sample different frostings, crumbs, and fillings, and we had two different types of cakes to choose from: Chocolate or Birthday Cake. Naturally, I chose their famous Birthday Cake. 

The tray where we got to sample all of the different and fun flavors

After sampling the numerous combinations of crumbs, fillings, and cake, I landed on what I wanted to make: Birthday Cake with birthday cake crumbs, vanilla buttercream, and the lemon cheesecake filling. Man, oh, man was it a glorious combination. You have the sweetness from the birthday cake, the crumbs, and the buttercream, but then right when it’s just sweet, you get a nice punch from the slightly tart lemon cheesecake filling and then you continue to gorge yourself with more cake. It’s quite the vicious cycle. A delicious cycle might I add. 

The class instructors were so helpful and upbeat throughout the entire class and encouraged us to make any combination we wanted and gave us tips and tricks while we decorated and assembled. 

Anyways, I won’t give away too much of what goes on in the class because I want you to experience it for yourself first-hand because it really is one of the most fun and best experiences I’ve ever had, seriously. But as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words so below are some pictures from my sisters’ (Maddie and Lauren) and my experience at the Milk Bar class in Brooklyn!

The delicious sheet tray of Birthday Cake..yes, it was ALL mine and yes, I did snack on it the entire time


On the left is my sister Lauren’s chocolate cake in the making and then on the right is my cake in the making. Also, my red headscarf made a little cameo


The final product!


Me and the sistas

Taking a class at the Milk Bar store in Brooklyn was such a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! 






Visit the link below for all info regarding Milk Bar…you will not regret it!